How to buy a cheap phone


Getting a higher end smartphone is becoming increasingly difficult with the passage of time. This is because smartphones nowadays are constantly inthe race of packing in better features, which of course, significantly surges their price. So in order to get a flagship smartphone that has just been released, you may easily break the threshold of a £1000

However, there are plenty of ways to get a smartphone for cheaper prices. The most common way to buy a cheap phone is to go for a refurbished one. Refurbished smartphones are quite commonly used, and at times, it is not even obvious whether a phone was refurbished or bought new.

There is, however, a stigma associated with refurbished phones. Since they are sold at lower prices, a low price usually sometimes means that there is a slight fault in the phone. This fault could either be hardware related or software related. However the process of refurbishment should eliminate this.

Refurbished phones can also be  ‘box opened’. All of this suggests that the phone was purchased in the past, and was then returned for an apparent minor fault for an exchange. A lot of times, refurbished phones are totally perfect and are just returned because the original owner does not want to use it anymore. The process here normally requires the cleaning and suppling new sim trays or cables.

At times, refurbished phones do carry signs of use such as a slight crack on the screen, a couple of scratches on the back, and so on. Here at Handtec we grade our phones and explain in as much detail as possible the quality.

Apart from refurbished phones, you can also buy manufacturer refurbished phones. These are the same as refurbished phones except that the repairs have been done by the manufacturer of the phone in order to get it working. 

The difference is normally Manufacturer refurbished carry a higher price tag.

Virtually, there is no difference between a fully refurbished phone (in Excellent condition)  and a new phone except for the fact that a refurbished phone comes in after some amount of use by the previous owner. Otherwise, if it is refurbished well, it is as good as a new one.

What to keep in mind when shopping for refurbished phones?

Indeed, buying a refurbished phone is the cheapest method to get your hands on a flagship smartphone. However, you may need to put in some amount of market research in order to get the best deal.

Take note of the following precautions to make sure that you are getting the right deal:

How reputable is the retailer not just in price but in aftersales. Check reputable review sites like TrustPilot.  

How long is the warranty? Most offer 3 months or less. 

Do not forget to read the fine point in order to know about the return policy of a refurbished phone. Some companies state 14 Working Day refunds thats nearly 3 weeks. Here at Handtec we normally process refunds in a matter of few days

Check exactly how soon you can get it delivered You may notice 'Free Delivery' but only upon purchase do they state 10 working days or more