Great iPhone Apps to Try

Amazing iPhone Apps to Download


There is so much more to an iPhone than just communicating through text or call. They do offer facetime, which is a face-to-face communication opportunity. But there are thousands of apps that Apple also offers. There are map locators, language-learning, and photography enhancers. Quite possibly every app you can think of it’s probably already on the app store. 


The tricky thing is, since there are so many apps on the app store, it is hard to find a specific one. To help you find the most beneficial ones, we’ve created a guide that goes over the best used apps on the app store. 


Some of our favourites range from photography help, eating healthier, or even staying more organised. There’s even ones to help you stay on track with working out. Now since there are a lot of apps to cover, we’ve broken up our guide by category. This will help you quickly and efficiently find the desired app that you are looking for. 


Now let’s talk about the different categories that we’ve broken these apps up into. First off, the most popular social media apps. These are where everyone can stay connected. Old friends, family members and even co-workers are often on these social media apps as well. Next we have the photography section. These apps are often downloaded by people who are interested in advancing their picture taking capabilities. Additionally, we have music apps. These apps are used as streaming platforms when you want to rock out to the best hits. Some of them you’re able to create your own music with. So if you’re looking to change the music industry we recommend downloading those apps especially. Lastly, the gaming section. Now you know we couldn’t possibly leave out the gaming section on the app store. But there are so many to choose from that we’ve created a completely separate guide for it. Head over to this article to find the best games on the app store. 


The Social Media Section

  1. Instagram - A popular social media app where you post pictures of trips you went on, food, and even people you’re hanging out with 
  2. Facebook - Similar to Instagram, Facebook is another place that you can post pictures, but is also commonly used for updating your status in life. 
  3. TikTok - This newly popular app is a place where anyone can make content. There videos range anywhere from 1-3 minutes long.  
  4. Twitter - This app is not typically known for posting pictures, but for posting emotions or events in the form of a short paragraph. This app is where a lot of people speak their mind. 
  5. Reddit - Lastly, Reddit is a place where you can find funny threads or keep up with events that are taking place in the world. 

The Photography Section

  1. Vimeo - Create videos here. You can upload, edit and livestream them with vimeo. 
  2. Photogrid - Grid your photos. Edit, collage, or style them any way you’d like. 
  3. VSCO - Edit your photos, and gain access to the best presets, editing tools, and find inspiring content. 
  4. Google Photos - This is less of a place that you can edit your photos through, while that is still an option. Google photos is more of a place to keep your photos safe. 
  5. Dropbox - Like Google Photos, Dropbox is a place where you can keep your photos save in folders. A lot of big corporate companies use this app. 

The Music Apps 

  1. Spotify - Play millions of songs for free. Listen to the songs you love and enjoy from all over the world.  
  2. Apple Music - Features included on apple music are over 75 million songs that are ad-free. Downloadable songs, personalised music playlists, and easily search song lyrics with siri. 
  3. Soundcloud - The world’s largest music and audio streaming platform with over 200 million tracks and growing.  
  4. Pandora - The place where you can experience personalised listening that continually evolves your taste. 
  5. AudioMack - This FREE streaming music app lets you download the hottest albums, songs, mixtapes and playlists. 

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