Future of Apple

Apple reported to have generated around 50.6 billion in their revenues and around 10.5 billion just in profits for one quarter with a gross margin in the 39.3 percent bracket. This is huge and has a strong balance that companies only wish to have.

The sale of the iPhone, Mac and the iPad have decreased and it may be looking like Apple have hit a wall. However, Apple state that they still have plenty of growing to do and a lot of that will come from China and India where they remain bright. iPhone customers seem to stay loyal and continue to buy the iPhone products each time they are upgraded while android users are seen eager to make the change to the iOS. iPhone customers are devoted and are happy to upgrade which is still persuading Android users to make the switch to iOS.

So what seems to lie in the future for Apple? There will be challenges that Apple will have to face especially within the tech industry, but Apple are confident they will breeze through.

In the short-termlist, the iPhone will be seen with improvements like waterproof phones and longer lasting energy efficient batteries. The Apple iPhone won’t really see huge dramatic changes they simply wont risk making to many changes to what is already successful.

Looking into medium term Apple are hoping to grow their services revenue which is already up in the 20 percent mark. There is plenty of room and potential for more in this enterprise area.Well ahead of Android is the Apple Pay. A payment infrastructure to pay by phone app along with their Health kit which uses data from your Apple watch and your iPhone to monitor your health. However, these have not been looked deeply into it as of yet. Something else that is up their sleeve in the future is the Home kit this is the Apples home robotics outline. This will add embellishments to the IOS system which will help with the revenue generating but also drawing users into the Apple software ecosystem.Looking into the long term there is talk about an Apple car and something along the lines of virtual reality like no other. 

Apple fans long await an Apple tv system which could also be in the works. There is debate as to whether Apple can take their computing devices and their experience to build vehicles that are not actually sold as a computing device.This would be a big leap and with things like Siri not going so well and being drawn into bad feedback and complaints about the Siri system would it even be possible for them to create something so high tech like cars?

However as long as Apple keeps producing amazing devices then it will keep companies like our in business. Be it a new used or refurbished iPhone
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There is still time for Apple to evolve before someone else gets there first. Apple have the experiences, the reliable designs and the ecosystem building to hit the jackpot first it is just a matter of whether they put all that together and create something that is flawless and reliable.