Evolution of Sony Phones

Evolution of Sony Phones

Sony is not just a company about making video games, movies, and music. Sony is an all-around company about everything that is a technical achievement in everyday life, including smartphones. It is not just Apple and Samsung, but Sony is very much invited in the sector, although not as recognized because of hits and misses with their versions going back to 2001. They have evolved with their phones and styles, leading up to their new release with the XZ2 Premium earlier this year.


From their first release, the T68i, Sony (or Sony Ericsson, as it was back then) produced models that were notable with their distinct designs and bold novelty. The Sony Ericsson T100 had a blue screen in the background. In 2003, the Sony Ericsson T610 was released with an impressive silver and black mix on the body that was very premium. A built-in digital camera, Bluetooth, color screen, and joystick navigation was a new thing for cell phones that Sony put out there. The T618 would be minor upgrades of this model.


Sony moved on to the T630 where they pushed it as a futuristic phone, but it became too much for its looks. Sony moved on to the K750i, the groundbreaking handset with a dual-megapixel camera featuring auto-focus that gave an inside look of what would be today our digital cameras. Besides the camera, the K750i had an MP3 player and supported expandable storage, very similar to the groundbreaking iPhone that was released before. Then, came the Sony Ericsson W800i, which was presented with a glowing orange body and branded as a throwback to a walkman. The success of the K750i and W800i was marked as Sony’s high point in cellphones in the 2000s, but the future phones afterwards turned out to be flops.


Sony tried to add more features into their next phone in the Symbian S60, but they ended up making their phone worse with a 3.2-inch touchscreen that was faulty and performed very slow. Then, came the Xperia X8, another sluggish phone with a terrible camera than the iffy K800i that was released earlier. However, in 2013, Sony came out strong with the Xperia Z, featuring cutting edge techs and the surprising ability to take a drink in the water. It was stylish, minimalist, and more in tune to the modern Sony design that had seemed to finally pick up the issues they were having with producing good smartphones. It was a good-looking phone with a large display and strong performance.


Sony Xperia models have continued to evolve with their new Androids such as the X, XA1, and all Premium and Compact models. Their mobiles produced are as effective as the high-selling competitors and it is for fans of Sony, or anti-Apple owners who do not want to follow protocol with the phone game. Sony is still making strides, but their phones have come a long way from the basics of the early 2000s.


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