Everything You Need to Know About Android 12

Everything You Need to Know About Android 12


Still in its Beta testing phases, Google’s latest and final Android 12 update is set to be released in October 2021. Continually developed by the Open Handset Alliance and Google, the 19th version of Android has been going through its beta testing since May 2021. 

Select OEM devices and the most recent Pixel Smartphone owners have been testing these updates over the last few months so that when the final release is definitively ready, Android users won’t be disappointed with the latest upgrades to their smart devices. 


What Are the Features

  • Material You

Googles Material Design in the digital architecture of the properties of the smart device will be improved. Through larger buttons, increased animations, custom themes, and automatic theme colour generation based on your wallpaper, Android 12 offers flexibility in design on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 


  • Audio and Visual Improvements

Improvements will be made for the visually impaired through Windowmanager, Packagemanager, System Server, and Interrupts. 

  • Visual improvements such as the quick tiles are larger which makes them easier to tap unlike in Android 11 where the quick tiles are smaller, round buttons. This does take up more of the screen but with the larger buttons, you’re less likely to tap the wrong thing.
  • The quick tiles will now host the power setting buttons too and the power menu is no longer activated by holding down the power button. Instead, the power button will activate Google Assistant.

Audio will be enhanced through MPEG-H 3D Audio which provides spatial audio for surround sound advancements that can support up to 64 loudspeaker channels at one time, or separately. 


  • Your Privacy

Privacy is important to most people, and this is recognised by the new implementation of the Android 12 upgrade. 

Users will be able to restrict location, microphone, and camera sharing to apps and other sources so that they (apps) only receive an approximate location and can only use the microphone and camera when the user gives the a-okay. 

Android 12 will provide users with what they’re calling a Privacy Dashboard. This dashboard will give Android users a clearer view of how apps use and access their information and also provide information on any recent access to their information, which information it was, and how it was used. 

Now with the Android 12 privacy upgrades, users have more say in how their info is used, if at all. 


  • Facial Control

It’s a type of facial recognition feature which Android already offers, but this feature means the user can switch through and control the phone just through facial expressions and movements. 

Facial control abilities may also come in handy with the next feature. 


  • One-Handed Mode

It might not seem like a big deal to some, but for those busy bees on the move, the one-handed mode may very well come in handy. 

Access one-handed mode through settings before setting out and then whilst using your phone, everything displayed on the screen becomes more accessible and easily reached with one hand. 


  • Notification Changes

Tapping on the received notification on the display screen will take you straight to the app. It’s as simple as that. 


  • Wi-Fi Sharing Made Easier

Having to look for the modem, spin it around a few times, and read out the long password to share your wi-fi with friends is a chore of the past with the easier wi-fi sharing upgrades in the new Android 12 update. 

Android 11 introduced a great QR code feature, but Android 12 takes it a step further with the ability to see who’s “nearby”. Instead of scanning the QR code, now you can tap on who you want to share the wi-fi with through the “nearby” button. 


When Will Android 12 be released?

The platform stability update was released in August, which means the beta testing is coming to an end and is currently going through its final testing and updates stages. 

The latest upgrades can be downloaded now by compatible phones, but as it’s still in its beta testing phases you might want to wait for the final update to be released in just a few short weeks so you miss out on the unnecessary bugs. The final release date hasn’t been announced but is expected in the first week of October 2021. 



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