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Is Overnight Phone Charging Safe? Debunking Battery Myths and Top Tips to Prolong Your Battery’s Life



Is it okay to leave the phone charged overnight? When is the best time to charge batteries? Below are tricks and tips to extend your battery’s life for as long as possible.


Debunking the Myth: Should I Leave My Phone Charged Overnight?


Modern batteries are smart enough to stop charging when full. That said, once the Lithium-ion battery hits 100 percent, it will automatically stop charging on its own. So there really is not a great risk in leaving your phone charging overnight. One thing you need to take caution with though is that it could lead to overheating. Hence, it is recommended that you remove the phone from its casing when charging it for a long time. Leaving your phone on a hard, flat surface to allow heat to dissipate easily when charging is also a good way to ensure your phone won’t suffer from overheating.


Tips to Prolong Your Battery’s Life


Needless to say batteries come with limited life spans. Their capacity is expected to degrade over time. But, here are tips to keep your battery’s life in tip-top shape for as long as possible:


  1. The ideal time to charge your batteries.


So, should I let my gadget run to zero before recharging the battery to 100 percent? This is fairly a common concern for many users. But the truth is, letting your battery run until it reaches zero, a full discharge, every time is not the right way to go for today’s modern batteries. This can lead for your Li-ion battery to wear out faster than it normally should. The ideal range to aim for when charging Li-ion batteries is within the range of 40 to 80 percent. Short bursts of charging will help extend you battery’s life. Additionally, try not to let your battery go below 20 percent.


  1. It’s best to stick with your gadget’s official charger.


As much as possible, you should only be usingthe official charger that came with your gadget, as it is sure to have the appropriate ratings and requirements for your device. Using cheaper and other chargers will risk your batteries for damage.


  1. The battery memory effect.


Battery memory effect is an old concept about batteries being able to remain charged if you do not let them drop all the way to zero often. This only applies to the older nickel-based batteries, however. Lithium-ion batteries do not suffer the memory effect. Again, with these modern batteries the practice of letting the batteries fully dissipate before plugging them in is not applicable. To extend the life of your battery, it would be best to charge them when they’re already at 50 or 80 percent.


  1. Understand that your battery has limited number of charge cycles.


If in the past charging your phone to full when it’s completely zero works, it’s completely different this time around. Your battery will be better off when topped up with small charges instead of a full cycle.


  1. Do not fully charge or discharge your device’s battery when storing it.


Should you need to store your device leave it with around 50 percent battery life. And when you know that the device will be stored in the shelf longer, it would be best if you’ll just turn it off rather than just leaving the battery to drain while it’s not used.


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