Buy a refurb phone and go green cheap

Its on the TV and folks are talking about it everywhere. We are producing tons of waste and not just plastic. When it comes to consumer electronic waste such as phones, tablets and TVs they have given it a trendy name ..e-waste.
 Over the past few decades we have seen an explosion in technology I mean theres like over 8 billion phones somewhere thats more than the population of the planet. In the UK each adult produces approximately 25kg of e-waste. This e-waste can contain some nasty chemicals and pollute our waterways and soil. We've even polluted space including Elons Musks car he threw out into galactic nowhereness :)
Normally when we have to go Green or Organic it means we got to spend more money - its not cheap.
However here at Handtec we can actually save you money. Buy a used or refurbished phone and you can actually save money. These pre-owned used phones are recycled and can be used again and again. Eventually in good time their components can also be recycled and more phones can be made and the cycle of buying used phones continues. Its not just old phones, we have the latest offerings from the likes of Apple and Samsung. Take the Apple iPhone X or the Samsung S9 ranges barely a few months old and we can save you approx 30-40% off the price of a new one. 

Check out some of the latest Refurb Phones below

The above is just a small selection and to find more deals just check out our main menu. If you have an old phone you can also turn it into cash - check out sell my phone.
We offer a 12 Month Warranty on all our refurb phones and each phone is thoroughly checked by our in house engineers. Most of our refurb phones come sim free and unlocked and can be used on any network.
So when your chomping on your organic carrot having a coffee in your recycled cup driving your electric car and NOT talking on your refurb phone at the same time - you have officially done your bit - give yourself a pat on the back.