Best Apple iPhone Games

Nowadays, phones are no less than portable gaming consoles. The latest AppleiPhonesare indeed quite popular for delivering an immersive gaming experience of the highest quality.

Quite fortunately, for all the gaming fans out there, there are endless games on the app store to download.  To deliver the best to you, we have compiled a list of the top 5 apple games for you. below:

Hitman GO

Hitman is quite a popular gaming franchise and literally,every gaming enthusiast is well aware of it. However, Hitman GO is quite different as compared to the other hitman. games. Hitman GO is not an open-endedsandbox game, rather itis a puzzle game that throws challenging puzzles that get very complex. as the game proceeds. Due to the aesthetics of a board game and zero violence, Hitman GO may not look like a hitman game after all. Nevertheless, it does indulge the player in a nice gaming experience.

In general, this game is great for those who love puzzles and board games in general.

However, it is not a nice match staunch hitman fans that want the traditional Hitman experience.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is quite a fun game which features the famous Mario character that runs forward. The main job of the player is to tap the screen repeatedly so as to make the character jump through obstacles. In the meantime, a user also has. To collect a number of artifacts and coins to build a score. Indeed, it is the best game to kill the time.

Generally, this game is perfect for those who want to get a hit of the Super Mario nostalgia.

However, it is not good for those who are expecting to have a traditional Super Mario experience with the same old controls.

The Witness

The Witness is a puzzle game that can be as simple as it can be, and as complicated as possible at the same time. It offers a great environment that is designed to immerse the user fully into an interactive puzzle game experience.

This game is highly suggested to those who love puzzle games and want to face unique challenges in order to kill time.

However, it is not good for those who are looking for an action-packedexperience that is diverse in nature. Also, those who get frustrated/angry easilyshould rather avoid this game.

80 Days

The game 80 Days is centered around the question that whether it is possible to travel around the world in 80 days after all? This game is more like a rendition of the famous novel by Jules Verne. It features diverse landscapes, an interactive storyline, a number of geography buffs, and frequent surprises for the player.


This game is perfect for those who love to travel, and to read stories.

However, it is not very suitable for those looking for a quick action game. This is because 80 days is more of a storyline game.

Legend of Grimrock

The Legend of Grimrock brings back the old school RPG experience on iPhone. It features a group of 4 adventure seekers that you have to control in order to let them out of a dungeon. It features a number of sceneries, puzzles, and challenges.

It is a wonderful game for the old-schoolRPG fans who want to play on the go.

However, it is not for those who are looking for a casual game that is easyand are not well aware with the mechanics of an RPGgame.



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