Benefits of buying a used or refurbished phone

Benefits of buying a used or refurbished phone 

Used and refurbished phones are either loved or hated.  However, the majority of times they receive a bad reputation because it was someone else’s “junk”.  There are good sides to buying a used or refurbished phone.  

Buying Used and Refurbished is Eco-friendly 

Imagine how many electronics we end up throwing away to the dump annually, our phone with a cracked screen, the computer that won’t turn on anymore, or even those cassette players that are just outdated.  In America, we throw away 9.4 million electronics in a year according to  That is a lot of money we are just throwing away, not to mention piling up our dumps more as well.  We could be reusing the parts from our old electronics to use into a new phone.  Did you know it takes 1.5 tons of water, 48 pounds of water, and 530 pounds of fossil fuels just to create one computer and its monitor?  Some places around the world are running scarce in freshwater and fossil fuels, which is the same stuff used to create that brand new phone on the market. 

There is a cellphone recycling option, but it still uses a lot of resources to melt down the materials into a new part.  Buying refurbished still keeps most of the parts which mean less energy and water usage and is a lot better for our environment.  

Buying Used and Refurbished is Cost Friendly 

Buying used or refurbished is definitely more budget-friendly than buying something brand new.  Some refurbished electronics are nearly cut in half of the cost, sometimes more, and although was once used, runs like or almost like new.  Sometimes, these electronics were barely ever even used, because much like a car depreciates in value when an electronic’s warranty or box is gone it is not considered new anymore.  There are often times when buying a refurbished phone would save you a lot.  Say you had lost or broke your phone and you rely on it for either work or personal affairs and you don’t have enough saved into your bank account to go get a new $500 phone, but you need a phone ASAP.  Because refurbished phones are nearly half of the price, it is a lot cheaper for you to be able to go to your local refurbishing store and buy another one, while still making that important business call.  

Sometimes Refurbished is Better Than New 

An electronic has to go through a certain process to be considered refurbished.  It has to be inspected, repaired, and inspected, which gives it the “like new” quality.  Some people prefer refurbished electronics.  It’s a lot easier to get the same model of phone or computer as you have before, even after the company stopped making it because you are used to using that electronic.  There is also almost always some kind of kink in a new electronics’ software, and by the time that the specific electronic has been out for a while, they have learned how to get rid of the kinks, so it would run a lot smoother.