Benefits of Buying A Refurbished Phone

Benefits of Buying A Refurbished Phone


Are you wondering if the savings of buying a refurbished phone is worth it? There are definite advantages to a refurbished phone, as long as you shop smart. There are several points to be aware of before shopping for a refurbished phone. 


When the phone is smartly shopped for, you can get one just as functional as a new phone for a fraction of the price.


Know the difference between refurbished and used


When a phone is refurbished, it usually means it was sent back to the retailer or manufacturer due to a fault or malfunction. The seller replaced the part or otherwise fixed what was at fault. 


There may not be anything wrong with the phone, and it was returned simply because the owner changed their mind. Since it was used by a customer, it cannot be sold as new and can only be sold as refurbished. Sometimes these are phones that worked fine and we're traded in for a more recent model. 


Some retailers refer to refurbished phones as “certified pre-owned” phones. A reputable retailer will make a thorough inspection of all parts of the phone. They will also carry out tests of various functions. These functions tested are usually:

  • Verify the battery charges properly. 
  • Check that the buttons, cameras, speakers, and microphone work. 
  • Check the audio quality. 
  • Verify the screen responds appropriately. 
  • Ensure the phone properly connects to Wi-Fi and 3G/4G.


The A-D grading scale for refurbished phones

Grade A. These phones are practically new. It may have been returned within 30 days, or it only has minor wear.


Grade B. A grade B phone will likely be chipped or scratched, but not bad.


Grade C. This phone will look used and may have up to five visible blemishes. 


Grade D. These phones will be well used, look second-hand, and will have been broken when returned.


Grade D’s are generally only sold by the types of retailers sold on eBay. These phones are best purchased by those able to repair phones themselves. The other retailers stick to grades A-C. 


The benefits of a refurbished phone

There are several potential benefits of buying a refurbished phone. These phones can be almost as good as a new one, but for a fraction of the price. Buying a refurbished phone will decrease environmental damage because it keeps the phone out of a landfill longer.

When purchased from a reputable company, these phones come with a 90-day warranty. Some retailers offer a warranty of up to one year in length. The odds of a defect may be lower than with a new phone because they are thoroughly inspected, tested, repaired, parts replaced, and repacked to the original product specifications. The charger cable is usually replaced, and sometimes it will even come with the latest headset. 


It is definitely worth the risk of buying a refurbished phone. With the grading system, you can decide what level of wear you are willing to accept for the savings. 



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