Benefits of buying a refurbished phone

Refurbishing is the distribution of products which were returned to the manufacturer or retailer. They may repair them, services them and clean them up to a resell-able condition and then resell these. The good thing about this product is that before it is released to the market it has to be tested to check it is safe and in a working condition to be sold.
The customer can return the product still unused or before the warranty period expires if they detect any problem. Refurbished products depend on the company and what they deal with.  The cause of the product return can be that the customer realised that the packaging had been tampered with or there were faults that came after the item had been used. Once the item has been used it cannot then be sold as new it must be sold stating it is refurbished.

Other refurbished items could be those that 
• Demo stock
• Change of mind
• Damaged items during transport
• Defective products
• Boxes that were opened and wrecked but the electronic remains unopened

Here are the benefits of buying refurbished goods over new goods;

• They are mostly sold at discounted prices. The consumer gets the advantage of buying goods that have not been used before at a better price unlike used goods that have not been serviced and checked over.

• The consumer will be given time to check whether it is functioning properly. There is a policy that states if a client buys a refurbished product they should be given time to see whether it is working as required. This is like a mini warranty which usually lasts around the three month period. (Handtec provides 12 months)

• The products are always checked if they are functioning well before they are released to the market. Look for companies that have great policy when dealing with refurbished goods where they receive the product direct from the manufacturer or a reputable retailer like Handtec when it’s in a good condition. When buying used items from places like eBay or classified ads  it’s normally the word of the seller against yours but you are not guaranteed of anything.

• When you buy the product from us you are guaranteed of technical support. Anytime you experience problems from the product you are free to call customer care for support.
• Products that are refurbished are part of a reputable program which means the item is less likely to have any damage or faults as refurbished items are tested a few times. Once when they are sold then yet again when they are refurbished so all parts are being checked twice. New items are only tested the time before they are sold.

• You can have the latest technology for a cheaper price, yet it still has been tested and passes all standards before sold.

Refurbished goods outweigh the new goods in a major way. Handtec takes the responsibility to rectify and take it back to the market. It is the discount price that gets people in. Why would you pay full price for an item where you can buy the same item refurbished for a cheaper price and double the testing practices.