Backup Android Phones

In case you are planning to upgrade to a new Android phone, or to run a factory reset on your current Android phone, you will want to ensure that all your data and applications are backed up safely. This will allow you to move the information across the new phone or to restore them after the factory reset, with great ease.


Normally, Google backs up al the information such as texts, do not disturb settings, call logs, contains, and calendar entries automatically from the cloud. This allows you to pick up where you have left off. 


However, in order to restore applications and most of the personalised settings, you will have to turn on backup service first. 


Backing up all your data and applications 


The best way to back up all your phone data and applications is to make use of the backup feature that is included within Android. According to Google, the following will be a part of your backup if you use the Google Drive for backup: 


  • Contact information
  • Settings and calendar events 
  • Wi-Fi passwords and networks 
  • Gmail information 
  • Wallpapers 
  • Applications 
  • Display settings such as sleep and brightness 
  • Input and language settings
  • Time and date 
  • Data and settings from third-party applications (varies) 


To begin your backup process, go to your phone’s settings, then choose System, Advanced, and then go to Backup. 


Once you are there, you will see an option of ‘Back-up to Google Drive’ 


Toggle this button on, and then choose ‘Back up now’ 


It will take a couple off minutes to back the data up, which primarily depends on your internet speed and the amount of data that has to be backed up. When it is done, you will see everything that was backed up in the Active backups section. 


Do remember that in order to backup all of your videos and photos, you will have to use the Google Photos. So make sure that you are logged in. At the same time, all the files and documents should be uploaded to Google Drive where they can be obtained from, later on. 


Restoring all the backup data


After you have successfully obtained a new phone or performed a factory reset, you will want to restore all your data from the backup. This process is usually done automatically after you sign into your Google account on the new device. This is when you will be asked to choose the backup from which you wish to restore. 


In case you do not find any application from within the backup, click on Settings, go to System, then Advanced, Backup, and tap on the App data (in the Active backups section). 


In case the automatic restore option is on, you will have to enable it and uninstall the application. Then, reinstall it again via the Google Play store. This is likely to restore your settings after you open the application. 


Do note that in order to successfully restore the data, all the data should initially be backed up on Google’s servers.


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