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Why the Apple Watch is the go to


Everyone knows about Apple, more recently the commotion around the Apple watches. There was a big uproar when the announcement of their seventh series was going to be released. With almost all the same features, there is one big difference with the new Apple Watch series. The reason the seventh series was going to be so big was because of the new face. A bigger, brighter screen that could face anything. Apple marketed that this bigger screen front would be able to tackle the outdoor adventure people went on swiftly. 


It still has all the best features like the most important health feature. It still comes customisable and you can switch out the band as well. It has all the features you love with an elevated front. What more could you ask for? It is a definite must upgrade if you’re a fan of the apple watch. 

The interesting thing about the apple watch is that it doesn’t change too much from year to year. The developers at Apple have a goal of backward compatibility. There isn’t a need to completely change the design of the apple watch like they do with the iPhone. There is a lot more experimenting when it comes to the iPhone. If you didn’t know, most people who buy the Apple watch are first time buyers opposed to continuous ones. 


The 7 series Apple watch is a great addition to their line-up. It’s comfortable to wear, the band is adjustable, and the new, bigger face is something people are quite drawn to. It’s 20% bigger than the series 6 Apple watch. 


What About the Software? 


While visually nothing has changed other than the face of the watch being bigger, there has to be more to it. Well, you are right! Of course, the look isn’t the only thing that they change with the 7 series watch. The series 7 is just upgraded slightly from the series 6. It is faster, features a blood oxygen monitor, and an altimeter. This just enhances the idea of having everything on your iPhone instead of having to carry your phone everywhere. It’s for convenience. You can play music from it and it still monitors your activity from the health app, and saves all your data afterwards. 


While you have display features, the other half of this is the software. Apple makes sure that their software is supreme and up to the newest technologies, which is why everyone keeps buying the new ones. They come back with new and improved technology every time, and they can’t be beat!  


The Verdict 

Since the Apple Watch debuted six years ago, it’s evolved into something better and better. Keep in mind with the watch that you don’t have to fix something, especially if it isn’t broken. The goal of the Apple Watch is to improve your life in the best way possible. Especially with their most popular app, the health app.

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