Apple iPhones for 2019

People are always looking forward to a new iPhone. After all, Apple is the company who has revolutionised the smartphone industry forever. It does have a fair share of hater, but however, you put it iPhone is still a highly coveted device. Some don’t even care about its technical specs but hold it as an item of prestige that needs to be upgraded every time a new model comes up. Other have a loyalty to the brand that is unparalleled in the industry. Love it or hate is Apple is a technological giant that every competitor looks up to an iPhone is their flagship device. So, it is no wonder that before the release of the next incarnation of the smartphone, the internet is ripe with rumours. There is still a bit of time left before the potential reveal of a new iPhone, so let’s discuss what we are to expect from it and what we want.

At this point, we are not even sure about the title of the next iPhone. For the purpose of this article, we will refer to it as iPhone 11, however, it is also likely that the device will hold a whole different name. Will it continue with the roman numerical, go back to numbers, or ditch both of them and come up with a new title. At this point, we have no strong indications which way Apple will go. One thing we do know is that Apple has been avoiding using numbers on their other products in recent years. So, maybe it is indicative that the new iPhone will have a title of its own. At one hand it is easier for a mainstream audience to distinguish different models from each other by number, but on the other hand, Apple has the most recognisable brand out there, so they may feel confident enough to avoid using them. 

Price is an important metric for any device. Apple has never been shy with their steep prices. Their dominance on the market, the prestige of the brand and loyalty of the audience, gave them opportunities to keep prices high. However, while still being on the top of the game, iPhones are no longer innovative enough or don’t sell as good as they used to. It is likely that we will get the same price as with the previous incarnation. However, there is some room to speculate here. To give their new device boost in sales, they will either have to make it more affordable or create a device that will blow us away. In either case, the customers will see the benefits.

We are not likely to see a total design makeover and it is most likely that the new iPhone will not look radically different from the previous one. However, some rumours suggest the bigger size, while others point to a less pronounces notch. However, the later one seems more like wishful thinking. Most rumours revolve around what type of camera will new model have. Most likely it will be a triple lens camera. However, it is unlikely that all iteration of a new model will boast it.


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