Apple iPhone X. So whats the big deal?

iPhone X facts that the tech-savvy should know

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Apple has never shied away from grand displays when it comes to releasing their new hardware.  The release of the iPhone X has been anticipated by many and once again the iStores around the globe had shoppers camping out front.


There has been much said about the iPhone X since its release by fans and critics alike leaving the undecided with very little information to help them make an informed buying decision.


Here are some tech-savvy facts to help you decide on whether the iPhone X is for you or not.


  1. The device is all display

The iPhone X is a shift from the old and now boasts a slimline design that is all screen.  The screen measures 5.8inches and fills the complete front of the handset.


The new design has curved edges that aremade of stainless steeland is water-resistant.  The phone has a notch on top of the phone to leave room for the speaker and camera but in no way takes away from the aesthetics of the phone.


Apple describes the glass of the phone as ultra-tough and durable that will handle the firmest of fingers and pokes.  The bigger screen though means no more TouchID but there is something new to replace it.


  1. Out with TouchID and in with FaceID

With no buttons on the front of the phone, no longer is TouchID possible.  You may be forgiven for thinking that the iPhone X has thrown out security for aesthetics but that is far from true.


The iPhone X now boasts FaceID that uses the front camera to track and unlock the phone.  A secondary infra-red and main camera uses the new technology to recognize you even in the dark.


There is no need to worry about accessing Siri either, a simple hold down on the side button will activate Siri.  The security feature on the iPhone X is unprecedented.


  1. Wireless charging is here

The glass and stainless steel casing is not only beautiful to look at but also makes wireless charging possible.  Apple has placeda charging coil inside and all you need is to set it down on any charging place without plugging in any cable.


The wireless charging promises to give you a 50% charge up in 30 minutes.  Apple also promises an extra two hours of batterylife on a full charge.


  1. Storage, storage,andstorage

The standard iPhone X comes with 64GB of storage and goes all the way up to a massive 256GB of storage.  There is over enough space for games, apps, selfies and videos.  No need for extra Micro SD cards and the rest.


  1. Easy of app swapping

There is no longer any need to go to the home screen to access the apps.  The iPhone X has a display bar at the bottom of the screen that allows you to scroll left or right to access the apps.


This is an incrediblysmart design and gives a great user experience especially when you have to swop between apps to copy and paste.  Also, one-handeduse is possible and easy.


The iPhone X is a great phone and Apple has once again not disappointed in delivering a smartphone that lives up to its hype.


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