Apple iPhone 2019

We have already seen the iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XS, and the iPhone XR. However, rumours surrounding other releases continue to churn. 


Based on rumours and speculations, we do already have a good idea of what is coming next this year. Is it going to be the iPhone 11? Or something like the iPhone XI? Well, as of yet, we are not sure about it. Moreover, it is quite early to make any guesses as there is a range of different dots to connect. 


If we have to take a definitive guess, we will say that the Apple iPhone 2019 may come out in September. And why is that? It is because most of the Apple iPhone launch occur in the month of September. 


In this regard, however, we have not heard of anything yet. 


We can expect the Apple iPhone 2019 to be released and launched in the month of September unless of course, we get to know something in the coming months. 


In 2018, Apple seemingly sold a big amount of products. Apparently, the company made an unreal amount of money on these. Now, the earnings forecasts have been revised by Apple due to the expected underperformance. In other words, Apple still may be able to sell millions of products at a price of 999+ Euros, the customers at large are not satisfied with the constant rise in the prices. As a result of this, the iPhone XR did not really fit in the market very well at the price range of 749 Euros. 


However, this may not definitely mean that the prices in 2019 will drop. Well, they might. But it looks like Apple believes that a range of other economic factors are responsible here, as a result of this the higher price per device is still worth holding on to. Still, considering the response near the end of 2018, we will be quite surprised if Apple still goes on to increase the prices in 2019. 


For now, everything that we say is purely based on speculation. There is a growing trend of using a punch-hole screen cut out for the front cameras, among the Android flagship phones. This is something that is also expected from the Samsung Galaxy s10. However, based on one rumour, Apple is not ready to follow that route just yet. 


Based on a leaker, Apple will continue to use the already known iPhone XS notch for the Apple iPhone 2019. However, they might choose a hole in the year 2020. If all of this is true, then we can fairly assume that the year 2019 is yet another revision year. On the other hand, we may see a drastic shift in the design in the year 2020. 


Rumours revolving around the screen suggests that there won’t be any dramatic shifts there. This is primarily because the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS already offer the best-looking screens in the market. Though, some say that iPhone will make use of touch-integrated OLED panels just as Samsung, for its phone in 2019. This will allow the iPhone XS successor to be much lighter and thinner.