Apple iPhone 12 Rumours

Apple iPhone 12 Rumours

As one of the leading producers of smartphones today, the folks at Apple have their hands full when they make the effort to top their own products year after year. With an expectant crowd, Apple usually releases the new tech they’ve been working on every September. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max (possibly Pro as well) are the products to keep an eye on as September draws nearer (there are rumours suggesting that there are two more members of the iPhone 12 series in the works too!). And, as with the last few years, we can expect to see an updated version of the Apple Watch, as well as new designs for the popular AirPods and other devices. 

Exciting Features

One of the most exciting details about the new iPhones is that they are rumoured to be equipped with 5G capability. The new network, which has been slowly implementing itself all over the world, is said to have much faster capability than its predecessor, 4G. The other noteworthy difference is that more people are supposedly able to browse in the same space at one time without experiencing lagging connection, due to larger bandwidth. 

Also, akin to the recently released version of the iPad Pro, these phones are expected to have 3-D sensors in the rear camera. This is exciting because it gives the phones the capability for augmented reality games, which have previously only been accessible through other types of devices. This new feature will wow customers as it’s always exciting to have surreal technology at your fingertips. Having augmented reality capabilities in your pocket just seems like leaps and bounds towards the future.

Other Products

A wireless charging mat has been said to be a possible addition to Apple’s new lineup of products as well, giving customers different charging options if they have cases on their phones or any other obstacle making wire-based charging a hassle. Another rumoured new-kid product is a pair of over-the-ear headphones which will help solve Apple’s noise-cancellation issues with their past earphones. Many buyers gravitate towards noise-cancelling headphones because, in the end, it prevents damage to the ear drums as the user doesn’t need to volume to be up as loud. The new ear-covering headset would be a huge step forward for the company.

Covid-19 Delays

Business Insider details how Apple has been forced to think about adapting the way they usually go about business in September due to new circumstances. As far as product launches go, it will prove difficult to even hold an in-person gathering amidst the obstacles thrown in by the novel Coronavirus pandemic. There are predictions suggesting that there won’t be nearly enough demand for the new phones come September as well, since much of the country has recently filed for unemployment. People will be splurging on new technology far less often, and that will put a huge dent in the success Apple could expect to have any other year. As a result, the release of the iPhone 12 series could be delayed by months at the least.


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