Apple iPhone 12 - Analysis

iPhone 12 Analysis


There have been many reviews and speculations made on the iPhone 12, here we will analyse its pros and its cons.


From praising of its structure to a critique of its battery life, let’s explore the best and worst features of this new model.


We will explore its display, design, and structure, so don’t miss out!


Design & Structure-


Its design is similar to that of the iPhone 4 many generations ago, with the size of the iPhone 11. However, this can make for a pretty difficult user experience, as it can eventually become uncomfortable to hold. Despite a potential uncomfortable hand placement, Apple’s justification for this is sound. It has listened to its customer’s queries about the sensitivity of the devices when dropped so this increased the durability, especially as it uses glass, allowing a better balance of safety. This is further supported by the implementation of a ceramic shield, which is a very successful move by apple.




We can see Apple implementing a similar but revolutionised display for its iPhone 12. It has decided to implement its Super Retina XDR Display into the iPhone 12 making for an extremely detailed user experience. It has a 2532 x 1170 resolution, producing very clear images. Despite a small change in brightness in the iPhone 12 compared to the iPhone 12 pro, we are certainly Impressed with the display quality of the new iPhone, especially due to the implementation of HDR resolution, creating an even more detailed experience for its users.


Battery Life-


This is quite an important topic for potential buyers of new iPhones, the battery life. With each new iPhone we can see Apple’s attempt to increase its battery life, and the iPhone 12 is no exception. Tests have mostly shown have proven a longer battery life for the iPhone 12 compared to older models, meaning Apple has really kept its promises. But it is not exceptional. The word ‘mostly’ is used here, and the iPhone 11 has a similar level of charge to the iPhone 12, so if you are an iPhone 11 owner looking to buy an iPhone 12, you may be shocked to realise not much has changed.


So, who is the iPhone 12 for?


The iPhone 12 is great for viewing things in high quality, so if you are extremely interested in watching films in high quality it is a good idea to possibly invest in this new piece of technology. But, if you are interested in creating professional films and projects, it may be worth investing in other devices to get the job done better. It is also not for those who want an excellent battery life, as despite a positive growth, it is not enough to seem revolutionary.


But overall, we would say that the new iPhone is great. If you are looking to move form an older device to a newer one it is worth it, but if you have a newer one, you may not see much of a difference. 






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