Apple IOS 12

According to Apple, “iOS 12 is designed to make your iPhone and iPad experience even faster, more responsive, and more delightful.” But what features can you expect, and will it really make a difference on how you use your phone? Check this out.


The new Apple iOS 12 has noticeably improved the ease and speed of using your Apple gadgets. For example, your apps can launch up to 40% faster. If you’re switching between several apps, they’ll launch twice faster.  You’ll also find that each time you scroll down, swipe, or access the phone controls, everything feels more responsible and more fluid.

This is especially useful when you’re rushing to capture a pic. You can access the camera from the lock screen much more quickly. Even the keyboard is more responsive, which makes typing on your phone or tablet as easy as typing on a laptop.


With the Apple iOS 12, you can now talk to 32 people at the same time (talk about a group chat on steroids!) and if you want to focus on a particular person, just doubletap the face. It’s also possible to launch Facetime straight from a chat group, so everyone can just stop typing and start talking without having to interrupt the flow of the conversation.

To make the chat more fun you can even show up as an Animoji.  You can also adds stickers, text effects, and dynamic shapes like shooting arrows and fireworks. Or perhaps you’d prefer a filter? Try black and white, comic book, or watercolor.


The Apple iOS 12gives you more toys to play with! New memoji and animojis, plus even a Memoji maker so you can create and customize. The Face Tracker has also improved so it can catch subtle facial movements like winks and sticking out your tongue. And of course, you can use your sticker packs, filters and text effects from Facetime in messaging too.

Another cool feature is that your phone will recognize who you’re talking to and suggest some photos you may have taken together. Now you won’t forget to share your pics, or you can draw up pics based on a conversation. For example, if you say “I can’t wait to go to the beach!” you’ll be able to find the pics from your last trip.


Do you think your kids spend way too much time on their gadgets? Use your Apple iOS ID to monitor when and what they did on their phone and tablet, and then set limits about when they can use it.  You can even block notifications during a certain time – like dinner time or bed time – so they’re not tempted to check their phone. You can also get weekly reports on their device use.

If your kids complain that they need to use their tablet for school, you can tweak the controls so that they can only access educational websites during weekdays. This makes the Apple iOS 12definitely useful for parents!


The iOS enables many of the interesting augmented reality videos and apps. There’s a measure app, scene reflection, face tracking, 3D object recognition and more.


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