Android Tips Vol 3

There are only a number of simple tips and tricks through which you can enhance your Android userexperience. In this article, we have compiled some of our favorite tips that you can use so as to increase your productivity. These include efficient methods ofblocking spam, stopping unwanted calls, and a lot more.

Getting rid of spam

There are a number of ways for you to get rid of spam on Android. You can either use an application called Do Not Track. However, for more people, this does not permanently disable the spam. However, the Android play store is full of a number of spam blocking applications that are quite powerful. If you do not want to use third-partyapplications, you may as well make use of the inbuiltspam protector by Google.

In order to enable it, enter your phone app and tap on the three vertical dots. Then, enter settings, go to caller ID &spamand then tap it on. You will be shown names of services and companies under the google my business listing. Here, you can mark potential numbers that report as spam.

No more data overage bills

Are you tired of seeing outrageous bills for data? You may certainly want to use the popular data traffic monitoring app by Google. Called Datally, this app allows users to take note of the data that is being used along with a great amount of control over the background usage of data. By turning the Data Saver function on, it is possible to view the data being used in real-time for each and every application. Along with that, it also features a data speedometer. In case the data usage for a particular application goes out of control you can also block data out for it. Entirely.

Unlock the phone automatically

Do you want your phone to unlock at the very instance you take it out of your pocket, while still keeping its security intact? Then perhaps, the Smart Lock application would be your way to go. Using smart lock, a phone can be set to stay in an unlockedposition for as long as it is in contact with your body. This is often done by pairing the phone with another device such as the smartwatch that runs the same OS. However, use this feature only in case you are in an environment where your phone is safe such as an office or a home.

In order to turn on the smart lock feature, go to security & location, go to smart lock, enter your security pin/password, and choose your options.

Do not disturb!

The do not disturb option comes in handy a lot when you are sleeping or in the middle of an important task during which you do not want to be disturbed at any cost. Consider studying, or reading a book for instance. In case you often feel such need, you can simply go to settings, sound, and turn on Do not disturb mode. This will keep your phone quiet for as long as you wish. You may also be able to choose from a number of settings and options, hence being able toto personalizeit.    


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