Android Q Rumours

It's only 2 months into 2019, but the internet is flooded with Android Q leaks and rumours. Here's a quick rundown on the improvements Google could be working on its next-gen OS. 


Android Q – Features

Dark Mode 

The likeliness of a dark theme in the successor to Android Pie is really high, says XDA developers report.  The dark mode lets the users have their launcher, volume panel, settings, and notifications flushed with pitch black. In fact, it is speculated that it may also work in the third-party apps that lack their own dark mode. Additionally, an option to schedule dark mode depending on the time of day is also rumoured. 

Location Permissions

Another paradigm shift Android Q is expected to bring is permission management. Now the users can choose which apps can access a particular data ‘for once’, ‘all the time’, or ‘only when the app is in use’. Considering the data breaches and leaks, this is a great setting to have as it gives more authority to decide what to share and what not to. 

Screen Recording

If the leaked early Android Q build is to be believed, screen recording will be possible once Android Q is out. It will also allow users to add their own voiceover while recording and share it with others. In addition, an ‘ongoing notification’ will also be there when the user captures the screen. 

Desktop Mode

Another big leak is about the ‘Force Desktop Mode’ in the developer settings. The folks at XDA couldn’t get much out of it, but it is speculated to be similar to Samsung DeX that we’ve seen in Galaxy S8 series. If this feature is available in Android Q, then users can enjoy a desktop-like experience in their smartphones. 

Smart locks

Introduction of two smart locks – one to automatically lock the phone when the ‘trusted’ status of an app changes and another one to extend the unlock time – could be another twist Android Q brings to the table. Well, we’ll have to wait to see how far Google can push to ensure better privacy and security. 

Android Q – Name

Though we are clueless about what Android Q will be called, we know one thing for sure: 99.99% it’s going to be another ‘Sweet treat’. And, we genuinely wish the name of Android Pie’s (v9.0) successor doesn’t roll off our tongue (we heard lots of Android 10 Queijadinha and Qurabiya!). 

Android Q release date 

If the releases of Android O and Android P are anything to go by, we can expect the first developer preview somewhere in March 2019. The launch of second developer preview and possibly an open Beta are expected to happen during I/O, Google's annual developer conference which has been scheduled for 7th May 2019. If everything goes according to all the leaks and rumours (it's not rare in the tech world!), we can see the final build (read: with the official name) around August 2019. 

Until then, we must wait and enjoy all the rumours and leaks coming our way.

Stay tuned to this space as more information, probably more than a name, will likely to leak out in a couple of months. 


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