Android 11 – When and What

Android 11 – When and What

 The new Android 11 update has been highly anticipated up to this point. With many people wondering where the update stands, as with all the commotion due to Covid-19, rumours report that we can expect to see Android 11 by the end of the year. Although 2020 has been a strange year, maybe we’ll go out with a bang, and we’ll be able to explore all the new things Android has to offer come December (that is, of course, if you’re not already exploring the beta!). 


So, what are some things Android are said to be including in their new software?


Front and Rear Camera Use

As we are living in the age of technology, it seems only right that we should be able to use multiple features of our phones at once. Android 11 is said to support the use of both cameras at once, allowing you to capture both what’s going on and your reaction to it at once.


Smart Home Control Capabilities

Google and Android have created amazingly convenient smart home technology. There is now easy access to your smart home controls in your hand, supported by the Android 11 update. 


New Security Measures

Android has chosen to make apps ask permission more frequently for use of things like your camera and microphone, and furthermore, they will ask more specific questions. You can choose to allow access just once, or to allow it repeatedly if you’d like. Also, if an app hasn’t been used in a while, it will be required to ask your permission again. 


Apps like Facebook have been known to take your personal data and use it to funnel specific advertisements to your social media feeds. In order to prevent apps from checking where you are and what you’re doing all the time (and profiting by selling that data to companies), Android 11 chooses to make it a bit harder for them to latch onto your information.


Organisational Changes

Android will now make it so that you can dismiss all notifications, even the pesky ones which won’t leave you alone, like updates and storage notices. Most people prefer a decluttered screen, and when there’s only one notification cluttering it, it can be quite annoying. Also, there is a specific section in the notifications section dedicated to “Conversations”; this makes it far easier to see the more important notifications first.


Screen Recording

Something that has been missing from previous versions of Android software is the ability to screen record the things you’re doing on your phone. If users wanted to do this before, they would have had to download an app and take up more storage if they wanted to screen record. iPhone’s iOS systems have already given customers this option, so Android aims to catch up in this update.


Overall, the update should give Android’s customers some long-awaited, satisfying changes to the experience of owning one of their smartphones. Android 11 could have some more updates by the time it is officially released, or they may have tweaked some of the things currently released in the beta, but it’s looking to be a successful launch.




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