All about the Apple iPhone XS Max and XS

All about the Apple iPhone XS Max and XS

Apple launches always send gadget lovers into a tizzy, and the release of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS in was no exception. Did these phones deliver to the excitement and the marketing hype? Are they worth the high price tag, or can you find the same features in other new phones? Here’s all you need know about the Apple iPhone XS Max and XS to help you decide.

Apple iPhone XS Max and XS: Design

Apple’s always been very good at designing sleek yet powerful gadgets. These thin, light phones certainly deliver on the front. Many people like the sophisticated dark gold finish, and details like the gold-tinted band and camera housing pull everything together. These are phones you’re proud to show off, and like an expensive suit, you can see the quality of the materials and the manufacturing down to the smallest parts.

Apple iPhone XS Max and XS: Screens

This is where many phone wars are won and lost: screen size and resolution. So did Apple win this round? Here’s all you need to know about the Apple iPhone XS Max and XSscreens.

In a way, these phones haven’t changed much from the iPhone X: you get an OLED with 458 pixels per inch (ppi) resolution. For the more compact iPhone XS that’s around 2436 x 1125. Unfortunately, you get the same pixel density with the XS Max. Though it has a bigger screen at 2688 x 1242, you don’t necessarily get a better image than if you opted for the smaller phone.

However, you can bank on Apple’s patented True Tone technology, where sensors pick up ambient light colors and adjusts the color so you see the “real, natural image” even if you’re looking at it in glaring sun or a dark room. 

The Apple iPhone XS Max and XS screens are also slightly faster and more responsive than older models, though you won’t really notice the difference unless you’re playing an app that depends on lightning-fast reflexes.

 Apple iPhone XS Max and XS: Size

With a full screen and a lot of scrolling real estate to cover, you’ll notice that using these phones will need some getting used to – especially the larger iPhone XS Max. It’s a little wider but thinner than the Galaxy Note 9, but you’ll need a solid grip. If you’ve got small hands, you may want to try out the iPhone XS Max at the store before buying it. You can still use the phone and love it, but it always feel a bit hefty.

 iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max: Camera

 While Android fans say that iPhone cameras measure to what you can find in Samsung and Huawei, the iPhone XS and XS Max have powerful photo-taking capabilities. You take better pics even in bad lighting conditions because of a wide-angle sensor, smarter autofocus, and advanced image processor. People are also raving about the Portrait mode, which softens and blurs the background for gorgeous professional-looking pics.


 iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max: Processor

Here’s all you know to need to know about iPhone XS And iPhone XSMax’sprocessing powers. It has the Bionic chip which can keep up with the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, or – for most of us phone users – run your videos and games without breaking a sweat. 

iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max: Battery

The iPhone has always been plagued with the reputation for having bad batteries – or at least, a much weaker battery life than its Android counterparts – but rejoice! The iPhone XS Max will keep going, and going, and going. One charge can get you through 48 hours, even if you’re using battery-intensive apps and videos. 


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