A look back at the HTC 10

Review of the HTC 10

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 Since 2008 HTC has been manufacturing Android and Windows-based smartphones.  Based out of Taiwan, the company initially launched as a laptop manufacturer in 1997 but eventually moved to smartphones.


On the back of the HTC One M9’s release in 2015, you cannot help but wonder if the next HTC offering is worth buying.  The HTC One M9 can hardly be described as a success and has been labeled as awful by many.


It seems with the HTC 10, the manufacturer went back to basics and reworked the design boards.  The new offering matches up to its competitors in aesthetics and capabilities, as well as the specs.


The curved aluminumcase and sleek front, the HTC 10 ranks high in the best looking smartphone stakes.


HTC 10 design

The new offering from HTC takes the brand’s design in a whole new direction.  The front of the smartphone is far sleeker and clean, with the back sporting a metal case and smooth curved lines that giveit a sophisticatedlook over the One M9.


Looking at the HTC 10 face-on, you will be forgiven for thinking it another brand of smartphone, as the new sleek sophistication lends this phone to rank among the biggest brands.


HTC 10 specs

The HTC 10 has improved loads over its predecessor, the HTC One M9.  As with most upgrades to smartphones, the improvements in features means a deterioration in battery life.


The batterylife of the HTC 10 can still take you through a full day with one charge and will light use, can stretch the battery life to two days.


When it comes to the camera, the only complaint would be that it works a little too well.  The new Ultrapixel tech on the HTC 10 camera allows bigger pixels and more light.  This means that photos in moderate lighting are washed out and sports annoying flares. Attention to the light and use of the camera can eliminate these annoyances but you hardly want to deal with that when taking quick snaps out with friends.


The greatest feature across all HTC models and still its biggest selling point, is the advances sound quality. For music junkies and fans everywhere, the HTC 10 will not disappoint in delivering the best sound when moving about. The sound technology once again places the HTC firmly in the top spot when deliveringhigh-qualitysound.


The display of the new HTC is an amazing upgrade from the One M9.  The size of the screen has grown by 5.2 inches and has a much better resolution. It does lack the vibrancy of other smartphone models as HTC still uses LCD and not AMOLED or LED.  Unless you do a side by side comparison, thevibrancy is hardly noticeable.


When considering the predecessor of the HTC 10, the new offering is a marked improvement on the One M9 and is worth a serious consideration to buying.  It'spricing certainly makes it a viable option over the other brands of smartphones out there.




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