A look at the classic remade Apple iPhone SE

Indeed, the iPhone SE is the most powerful phone with the 4 inches display that has ever been created. In order to make this phone, Apple first started out with the traditional 4 inches screen designuntilreinventing it completely from the inside. Quite surprisingly, it houses the A9 chip which is the very same chip that the iPhone 6S users. So in terms of the performance, this phone competes equally well with the 6s. On top of that, the phone also features a 12 megapixelscamera that is capable of capturing at 4K. There is no doubt that this model of iPhone looks small, yet it is quite large in terms of its output.


The body of the iPhone SE is made out of a bead blasted aluminumwhich gives it a very light and sleek finish. Moreover, the display features the Apple’s signature Retinadisplay for increased sharpness in picture and vibrancy. The matte edges simply add far more class to its body.


The core of this iPhone uses the A9 chip as we have mentioned previously. Through a 64 bit architecture, the A9 chip works in a very smooth and responsive manner. Another benefit of this high-end processor is that you get to play console-graphics games with virtually nolag at all. In other words, it provides users a rich and immersive experience via high-endperformance.


Now what might surprises users is that this model of iPhone, despite being smaller in size, is equally as fastand responsive as the iPhone 6S. Again, this is because they both use the very same chip.


Moving on to the camera, the 12-megapixelcamera offers extremely detailed, and sharp photos just like the iPhone 6S. It also features the option of Live photos. Live photos are pictures that feature a little bit of movement and sound, hence adding greater richness in the photo. Live photos are perfect for capturing memorable moments with pets, friends, and family.


The iPhone SE also makes use of an HD camera for Facetime, which of course, makes your selfies richer and sharper.


Technically speaking, the iPhone SE is not different than yet another iPhone running on the IOS. It offers all the basic features ofother models such as the iCloud photo library that you can use to store your pictures and videos. The major thing that surprises people, is the size and affordability of this phone. On top of that, since it is lightweight, it neatly fits into your pocket without added burden.


As far as the WiFi and wireless connections go the iPhone SE makes use of a high-end WiFi chip that ensures fast speed allowing users to stream HD 802.11 ac videos.


For security, the phone also features a touch ID panel which unlocks your phone by scanning your fingerprints. Fingerprints happen to be far more secure as they are the ultimate passwords that no one can guess or spy on.


All in all, the iPhone SE offers you a lot more value for its price, while still maintaining the iPhone aesthetics and class, which makes it the perfect phone for everyday use.


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