5G is coming


In the near future 5G network will soon be launched. It's approximately *20 faster than 4G.Possibly even with better speeds. Through 5G, streaming of videos is very easy more so make video calls .5G provides the next generation world connectivity platform.

 Manufacturers have come up with 5G network devices .Hence offer competitive edge in communication industry. Despite 5G isn’t widely spread it’s expected by next year it will be available in many areas.

Significantly in most of the world   UK and the US are set to launch 5G networks in 2019. They are faster than 4G, however one will not able to make use of the new speeds if   current handset is 4G is enabled. Thus a 5G phone will required  

On the other hand, the many of phones being launched soon may not support 5th generation network. That may not cause an alarm since 5G coverage isn’t widespread for as of now. In  CES 2019,  smart phone companies  said  they are  looking forward for  over 30 5G gadget  being launched in this year, with  most being  smart phones.


It has stated it will soon launch its first 5G phone and called it the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. In addition to 5G, the phone shall have  a  4,500mAh battery ,6.7 inch screen, four rear cameras with 16MP ultra wide lens, an aperture lens 12MP ,telephoto lens  12MP, 3D depth camera, 8GB of RAM, 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G shall also have a dual lens front camera, and a 256GB storage. Despite this sounding good experience, this gadget will not be that cheap. It is estimated to be not less than £1000 when it goes out for sale after it launch.


 Its has announced the launch of Huawei Mate X in 2019 the phone has not only 5G support , but IT can also be folded. In actual fact it has three screens, with one big 8-inch which can be folded in two halves, hence have two smaller screens on each side, the other has 6.6 inch and 6.4 respectively. The phone also has a 4,500mAh battery, 8GB of RAM, a triple lens camera, with 512GB of storage. It is estimated to cost £2600

 One Plus 

It has on several times spoken about a 5G handset. It may perhaps be one of the first gadgets to launch in Europe. It’s presumed that it will be either April or June. One plus has established that UK EE network are to stock it. One Plus has shown its proto type 5G handset .It’s also not clear if it’s One Plus 7 or it’s another line. It’s estimated to cost £200 to £300 more than the other one plus gadgets  


Apple will certainly sooner or later launch its 5G phone, although it is not probably to be the first to do so. It’s said that it will launch iPhone 12 5G till 2020. Apple is currently figuring out on chips to use and the 5G handset to launch. The best news is that at whatever time Apple launches its 5G devices they are like to be available globally, given that they are sold worldwide


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