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    Sony Xperia S - Black (SIM Free/Unlocked)

    Android 2.3, 4.3-Inch, Dual 1.5 GHz, 1GB RAM, 12MP + 1.3 Camera, HD Video, WiFi, A-GPS, HDMI
    £191.99 incVAT
    £159.99 exVAT
    Condition: New
    Warranty: (24 months)

    Sony Xperia S (SIM Free/Unlocked, Black) - This handset takes MicroSIM

    Brief Introduction:

    The stylish Xperia NXT U, P and S models represent the entry-level, middle of the range and premium handsets respectively and all come with Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread (an upgrade to Android 4 Ice-Cream Sandwich (ICS) will be available in time). Each device features a minimalistic slab type design with a rounded back that makes them comfortable to hold. The full aluminium, precision crafted unibody found on the Xperia P and Xperia S models only add to the overall feel of quality and solidity and have been designed to appeal to the business user with features that may sway them from using a laptop.

    Xperia™ S Key Features:

    • 1.5 GHz dual core processor
    • 12.1 megapixel camera with LED flash and Auto focus
    • HD video recording (1080p)
    • Front-facing camera (1.3 megapixel, 720p)
    • 3D surround sound
    • PlayStation® Certified
    • 4.3”, 1280x720 pixels 16,777,216 colour TFT
    • Reality display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine
    • Internal phone storage: 1 to 1.5GB
    • RAM: 1GB
    • Flash memory: 32GB eMMC

    More Details
    The Sony Xperia S is more than capable of recording in full HD video and plays back beautifully with the help of Sonys Mobile BRAVIA® Engine on its visually impressive pin sharp 4.3 inch Reality Display. On top of that, you have the choice of plugging the Xperia S into your HDTV via its HDMI port so you can view your content on the BIG screen.

    This PlayStation® certified smartphone features a 4.3” (720 x 1280) screen, 1.5GHz Qualcomm dual core processor, 32GB of on-board memory and a superb12 megapixel camera with backlit sensor. There's no question that this phone is more than ready for action.

    Regarding the camera, a quick tap of a button takes you from standby mode to snapping a photo in little more than a second. Don't stop there if you don't want to though - you can keep on shooting to your hearts content with no delays! Don't let low light levels get in the way of a decent snap either. The Exmor R™ for mobile camera sensor will brighten up any dull day for you.

    12 megapixel camera test
    Ready for some hard camera facts? Try 12 megapixels. 3D sweep panorama, front-facing camera (1.3 MP 720p) and HD video recording (1080p). Sony Exmor R™ for mobile image. 16x digital zoom. We could just go on and on.

    PlayStation™ certified test
    Fingers itching? This PlayStation® certified smartphone is built upon the gaming expertise of Sony Computer Entertainment. Buy and download games straight from your Xperia™ S - with new titles released continuously, boredom is not an option.

    Entertainment at the speed of delight test
    Why wait to be entertained? Start the camera. Now shoot and save your best snaps super quick. The 1.5GHz dual core processors do everything at the speed of light. So download and play games, browse the web and watch videos, instead of watching them load.

    4.3” HD Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine test
    Enhanced contrast. Richer colours. Less image noise. The Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine makes the super-wide, 4.3"", LED back-lit screen sharp and crisp. And through reduced light reflection, the picture stays clear when you're outdoors too.
    Getting dark?
    Dusk, dawn or just a crummy old light bulb? Sony's Exmor R™ for mobile CMOS sensor lets you capture high-quality, bright pictures and videos in poor light conditions.

    Sharp chatting in HD
    Chat away. Sharper than ever. Xperia™ S has a 720p front facing camera which gives a sharp image, even when you move around. It’s perfect for video calls with Google Talk™ or Skype™*.

     Powered by Android

    Make sure you always have the latest Android version installed. Xperia™ S is launching on Android™ platform 2.3 (Gingerbread) and will be upgraded to Android™ platform 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) during the second quarter 2012.

    Connect to your TV via HDMI
    Connect your Xperia™ S to your TV and cuddle up in the sofa. The HDMI connection lets you view pictures and videos from your phone on your TV screen using your TV remote control.

    Sony Entertainment Network
    10 million songs. Thousands of movies. From the major music labels and film studios. Enjoy it all on your Xperia™ S via the Sony Entertainment Network services Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited.

    The place you call Home
    Where’s best for you? Email top right? Music player bottom left? You decide. With four extensions to your Home screen, you’ve got plenty of space to put things where you want. Just remember to flick left or right to find them.

    More control over your media
    Exercise more control over how media files get transferred and stored. Select MTP mode to transfer files if you want to limit the risk of data corruption or select MSC mode if you want to have more control over the data storage.

    Wi-Fi connect
    Connect the quick and easy way. On the move. In cafés. At the airport. Your Xperia™ S has Wi-Fi support.

    Technical Specification:

    Available colours:   Black  White
    Size: 128.0 × 64.0 × 10.6 mm / 5.0 × 2.5 × 0.4 inches
    Weight: 144.0 g / 5.1 oz
    Screen: 4.3" 16,777,216 colour TFT / 1280x720 pixels /
    Platform: Android
    Memory: Memory card slot: 32 GB eMMC / Internal phone storage: 1 to 1.5 GB / RAM: 1 GB /
    * Actual free memory may vary due to phone pre-configuration

    Battery Performance:

    Battery performance may vary depending on network conditions and configuration, and phone usage.

    NetworksTalk time
    (up to)
    Standby time
    (up to)
    Video call
    (up to)
    UMTS/HSPA 850/900/1900/2100 8 hours 30 min 420 hours x
    GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 7 hours 30 min 450 hours x
    Music listening time: 25 hours

    A Standby time specification is an industry standard. The only intention is to allow comparison of different mobile phones under the same circumstances. Factors including - but not limited to - network, settings, location, movement, signal strength and cell traffic strongly effect standby power consumption. Therefore, Standby time specification comparisons of different mobile phones can only be done in a controlled laboratory environment. When using any mobile phone in real life - ie, under circumstances for which the mobile phone is intended - the actual standby time could be considerably lower and will be strongly dependent on factors as mentioned above.
    = To be announced = Not applicable 

    Detailed Specification:


    HD video recording - 1080p
    • Record High Definition video with a simple touch of a button.
    Flash / light type - LED
    • When lighting conditions are poor, your picture can still be good.
    Digital Zoom - up to 16x
    • Get close to your subject.
    Camera - 12.1 megapixel
    • Capture and share special moments.
    Aperture - f/2.4
    • The lower the f/value, the larger the lens opening (aperture) - which allows for more light to reach the image sensor.
    Video light
    • More light when shooting video.
    Touch focus
    • Touch the screen to set the focus area.
    Sony’s Exmor R™ for mobile CMOS sensor
    • Image sensor with enhanced imaging characteristics.
    Smile Shutter™
    • Let the camera automatically snap the shot when your subject flashes a smile.
    Send to web
    • Catch moments with your camera and send straight to your personal web site or blog.
    Red-eye reduction
    • Use it when taking people photos using flash.
    Image stabiliser
    • Avoid blurriness caused by slight hand movements.
    • Have your photo tagged with information on where it was taken.
    Face recognition
    • Your phone automatically recognises up to five faces in your picture.
    Face detection
    • Your phone automatically sets the focus on the faces in your pictures.
    Auto focus
    • Automatic focus for optimal clarity.
    3D sweep panorama
    • Take your pictures with 3D Sweep Panorama. View them on a 3D TV or on the multi-angle 3D display.

    Music tones - MP3, AAC
    • Use original artist recordings as ringtones.
    xLOUD™ Experience
    • Maximised, massive speaker sound thanks to the Sony xLOUD engine audio filter technology.
    TrackID™ music recognition
    • Record a few seconds of a song and get track, artist and album information sent to your phone in seconds.
    Sony Ericsson Music player
    • Enjoy your favourite music sorted by artist, album and track. Shuffle and smart playlists supported.
    • Download music and games to your phone.
    Clear bass
    • Sharp, deep and distortion-free bass.
    Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP)
    • Music from your phone to headset over a wireless connection.
    Album art
    • Choose music by browsing CD album art or other images

    Web browser - WebKit
    • Full Internet browser with support for standard protocols, images and video.
    Google Voice Search
    • Use your voice to search the web or to quickly launch a call to a friend.
    Google™ search
    • Find what you’re after with the Google™ search function.
    • Quick access to your favourite Web sites.
    Android™ Market
    • Get apps and games - download straight to your phone.

    Radio - FM radio with RDS
    • Radio entertainment round the clock.
    • View your favourite YouTube™ videos, or upload your own - access is easy via the YouTube™ application.
    Video streaming
    • Realtime video streaming, e.g. live cam
    Motion gaming
    • Gaming gets physical - turn, swing, move your phone to control the action.
    Media Browser
    • Media content in one place for fast and easy access.
    3D games
    • Enjoy quality games with full color and depth.

    Micro USB support
    • Connect to your PC and other devices.
    Google Maps™ - with Street View
    • Find your way to your destination.
    Google Maps™ - for Mobile
    • Find your way to your destination.
    • Utilise high-speed Internet at Wi-Fi™ hotspots at airports and other facilities.
    USB support
    • PC to phone USB cable support
    USB mass storage
    • Connect and move items between computer and phone.
    TV out
    • Go for a bigger screen – connect the phone to a TV, projector or other device.
    Synchronisation with computer
    • Keep the data in your phone in sync with your computer. Connect your phone to a computer and use synchronisation software.
    Synchronisation via Google Sync
    • Use your Google account to synchronise the contacts in your phone.
    Synchronisation via Facebook™
    • Match your Facebook™ friends with your phone contacts.
    • GSM internet dial-up support
    HDMI support
    • Share pictures and videos on your TV using your TV remote control.
    Google Latitude™
    • See where your friends are - and share your own location with them.
    DLNA Certified™
    • Connect wirelessly to other devices.
    Bluetooth™ technology
    • Connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth™ devices.
    • Use GPS-powered location-based services.
    3.5 mm audio jack
    • Share your music via the extra jack. Use any headphones with a standard-sized 3.5 mm connector.

    Type & Send
    • Handle all your messaging straight from your home screen.
    Text messaging (SMS)
    • Send text greetings anywhere in the world.
    Sound recorder
    • Take voice notes or record a sound clip to send in a message.
    Predictive text input
    • Fast and easy text messaging.
    Picture messaging (MMS)
    • Colourful multimedia messaging.
    Instant messaging
    • Online chat. On the move.
    Handwriting recognition
    • Write as you would with a pen. Your handwriting becomes digital text.
    Google Mail™
    • Gmail for mobile lets you send and receive e-mail wherever you are.
    • Check your email inbox wherever you are.
    • Say it via chat-style text messaging.

    Google Talk™ - video chat
    • Chat-style communication plus video call functionality thanks to the front facing camera and Google Talk™ inside.
    Vibrating Alert
    • The phone vibrates and you can feel when a call comes in
    • Let the world know how you feel and what you think - say it with a tweet.
    • Loudspeaker suitable for using the phone as an office handsfree
    Sony Ericsson Timescape™
    • All your communication with one person in one place.
    Noise shield
    • Filter out the sounds around and make yourself heard.
    Google Talk™
    • Chat-style communication with friends and family.
    Facebook inside Xperia™ version 2
    • Facebook status updates. Share and recommend the apps you like, and like the music you love, even direct from the FM radio.
    Facebook™ application
    • Stay in touch with your friends on Facebook™ through your phone.

    Keyboard - Onscreen QWERTY
    • Text input made easy.
    Screen capture
    • Press the power off button and then 'screen capture' – and you’re ready to share your screenshot.
    Wallpaper animation
    • Stylish moving imagery onscreen.
    • Intuitive navigation – just touch the screen.
    Reality display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine
    • Crystal-clear colours and crisp images.
    Gesture input
    • Swipe your finger across the on-screen QWERTY keyboard.
    Auto rotate
    • Switch from vertical to horizontal mode by rotating the phone. Whatever you're viewing will rotate to suit.

    • Store appointment information and set reminders.
    • Set a time and your phone will give a signal when the time is up.
    • Create, sort and save details about things you have to do. Set reminders.
    • Measure how much time anything takes.
    Phone book
    • The information you need to keep in touch with friends and family.
    • Digital notes for things you need to remember.
    Infinite button
    • Just one press to all about your friends or all the artist info you need.
    Google Calendar™
    • Create, add and edit events. Set up reminders and mobile notifications.
    Flight mode
    • Disable the radio receivers and transmitters in your phone so you can safely use other functions.
    • Save on paper usage. The printed manual is replaced with an electronic version in the phone.
    Document readers
    • Edit documents in popular formats.
    • Full-function calculator when you need it.
    Android™ platform
    • Powered by Android™ for great performance. Personalise with all the apps you need from Android Market.
    Alarm clock
    • Set your phone alarm clock to ring at the time of your choice.
    What's in the Box:
    • Sony Xperia S Black
    • Built-in battery
    • Stereo portable handsfree
    • Charger
    • Micro USB cable for charging Synchronisation and file transfer
    • User documentation


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