Proporta BeachBuoy Waterproof Case for Smartphones (25160)


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    Proporta BeachBuoy Waterproof Case for Smartphones, iPods, Cameras, Keys and Coins (25160)

    The BeachBuoy Waterproof Case is fully tested and approved by the British Standards Institute (BSI). It's made from a durable material that offers you the ultimate in waterproof protection for your smartphone, iPod or camera. Using a simple (but really effective) grip seal system, the BeachBuoy is 100% waterproof, so you can rest assured that your £500 iPhone is protected from water, sand and sticky fingers.

    Tested and approved by the British Standards Institute after being submerged at 5 metres for an hour, the BeachBuoy Waterproof Case passed BSI IP57 / IP58 with flying colours. Featuring four eyelets and a lanyard which allow you to attach your waterproof phone case to the nearest lounger or hang it around your neck, the BeachBuoy is ideal for when you're swimming, at the beach or on holiday, just ask our thousands of satisfied customers. Dimensions: 145 x 115mm

    Key Features:
    •  100% Waterproof Case
    •  Window dimensions: 115 x 88mm
    •  Dimensions: 145 x 115mm
    •  Closure System : two click seals and a velcro strip
    •  Guaranteed waterproof to 5 metres/16 feet
    •  Instructions on how to fit the case : Undo velcro, unroll tab then pull apart so the two click seals come apart. Place device inside then click both seals together and roll up tab and velcro back down.
    •  BSI approved (IP57/IP58)
    •  Use your device whilst within the case – make calls, use touch screens and buttons
    •  Includes attachment for lanyard
    •  Protect your valuables from water, dust and sand
    •  Suitable for small and normal sized devices (mobile phones, cameras etc.)