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    Swiss World Travel Adapter with USB Charger (1.300150)

    EUROPE, UK, AUSTRALIA, USA, Get Connected In Over 150 Countries.
    £11.99 incVAT
    £9.99 exVAT
    Condition: New

    Swiss World Travel Adapter With USB Charger

    Ever wondered why you need so many different devices when you're on the road? We are continuously developing further modules you can simply clip on to the "SWA". By using the SwissWorldAdapter as a standard platform, you will be able to connect a variety of modules in the future.

    The World Travel Adapter offers 4 different pins and sockets covering a wide variety of global connecting needs. Plus it comes with a USB charger housed in an interchangeable cap. USB charger is for charging mobile phones, iPods, PDAs, travel speakers and other 5V USB powered devices. One adapter, four options for more than 150 countries. It's the elegant, compact and safe way to plug in your portable appliances worldwide.

    110V - max 275W; 220V - max 650W
    Please not: This adapter does not convert voltage!

    Specification World Travel Adapter:

    • Application in more than 150 countries
    • Input power spectrum up to 550 W power
    • Timeless design
    • Easy handling
    • Suitable for equipment with ungrounding plugs (2 pole)
    • Integrated fuse T2.5A
    • Patented
    • Worldwide lifetime warranty

    Input voltage:
    100 – 240 VAC

    Max. Power:

    275W @ 110V / 550W @ 220V

    Specifications USB Charger:

    The USB charger module fits on top of the World Travel Adapter. Perfect for charging or running your mobile phone, iPod, MP3 player,
    PDA, travel speaker and other USB devices all around the world.

    Size of World Travel Adapter with USB Charger:

    Blister: 155 x 215 x 60 mm

    6.1 x 8.5 x 2.4 in

    Box: 60 x 55 x 100 mm

    2.4 x 2.2 x 3.9 in


    65 x 51 x 57 mm
    2.6 x 2.0 x 2.2 in


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