Pama Stick & Hold Universal Windscreen/Dash Genie Car Mount


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    Pama Stick & Hold Universal Windscreen/Dash Genie Car Mount

    The Dash Genie version 2 - Same great product as the original Dash Genie but now with a new design. Better than an air vent holder, better than a windscreen suction mount. This is the Worlds first dashboard and windscreen holder combined - And it works! Unlike other holders the Dash Genie doesn't block your view of the road or your air vent.

    The Dash Genie is designed with an easy to use clamp system which allows you to position the holder on your dashboard in a position which is comfortable for you. Even if your dashboard has a dimpled or textured surface the Dash Genie will still offer maximum grip meaning your phone will stay secure. The simple design of the Dash Genie means that you can simply clip it to your dashboard and go in seconds.

    Main Features:

    • Combines a dashboard and a windscreen mount in one
    • Great for using mobile sat-nav
    • Holds phone, iPod or MP3 players in portrait or landscape
    • Dimpled dashboards? No problem!
    • No sticky residue as no adhesive pad required
    • Works with practically every phone
    • Re-mountable wherever, again and again, so can transfer between cars

    The new design of the Dash Genie means that you can also position it on your windscreen as well and it'll act as a perfect windscreen holder making it the only in car holder you'll ever need.Just Stick and Go This holder is designed to hold any device in position. It holds using a innovative material which grips the device and you don't have to attach anything to the back of your phone to make it work.

    It is even designed so if your phone is vibrating frantically it will still stay in place. The holder is able to do such a feat thanks to the innovative surface which is made from a high tech rubber material. Your phone is held so firmly you’ll think it has been glued down – but there is no sticky residue on the phone or on the Genie.

    This means that you can just drop your phone, iPod or MP3 player into the holder and theres no fiddly arms or adjusting to make it fit - Simply stick and go. The design of the Dash Genie also means that you can secure your phone to it even if your phone is enclosed in a case, providing the case has a flat back surface.

    See it in action!
    You've heard us talk the talk, now allow us to show you how it works. Below is a video of us putting the Dash Genie through its paces in a speed and speed bump test. Notice how easy it is to apply and remove but also the incredible amount of grip which the holder has over the phone.

    How to use:

    •     Find a flat, clean surface
    •     Apply the Dash Genie
    •     Drop the clamp
    •     Stick your phone to the Dash Genie

    Long Lasting - So Simple To Maintain
    As dust slowly builds up over time the adhesive properties reduce. Simply wipe the pad with a little water and wipe with a clean cloth. (be sure not to use solvents or alcohol wipes). This will restore the Dash Genie's magic holding properties.