Krusell SEaLABox Waterproof Case for Smartphones - Yellow



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    • is this case suitable for any smartphone
      This is suitable for any smartphone with Inner Dimensions of: 116 x 63 x 14 mm. thanks
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    Krusell SEaLABox Yellow Waterproof Case

    A well-made, protective and waterproof mobile case, made in Sweden. Qualified for IPX7 standard; approved at 1 meters depth for 30 minutes. The case also protect against impact and scratch. Available in trendy colors, sized to carry the most popular smartphones. Practical neckstrap included. SEaLABox allows you to talk, text, surf, take pictures and record movies both above and under water. Inner Dimensions: 116 x 63 x 14 mm


    Before Every Use
    Seal something worthless inside, then submerge in a basin to check the waterproofness.

    Closing the Case
    Make sure that all parts are properly attached. Wipe away any grit or sand, which could hamper the seal. They should lock smoothly, if not there may be something impeding the seal.

    Opening the Case
    Never open your SEaLABox in or under water. In order to stop any water getting in when you are opening it, first shake off any water then dry with a towel